Salt Paths
Medium: Participatory art, Interviews, Sculpture, Sculpture workshops, Video with sound, Photography.

Participatory art project developed in the Castro Marim community, Algarve, South of Portugal. It was grounded on an integrated perspective of place perceived in its complexity – relating to human, geographical, economic, biophysical, political, historical, cultural and social dimensions that widely characterise local life experiences. The formal character of the sculptures in salt resulted from interaction with the place, understood in an integrated way - the relationship with the landscape, the memory of habits and prelocal stocks (windmills and tidal mills), the topography of the place (Venta Mills), the interaction with the local people, the level of stories told by salt farmers, artisans, by officials of the Nature Reserve, the community in general, by written sources on the salt, by the understanding of the activity of salt farming and its relationship with Castro Marim.

Paula Reaes Pinto in collaboration with António Gorgel Pinto and participants from Castro Marim. 

2000 - 2003
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