Artistic Interactions with Cacela Velha
Medium: Participatory art, Sculpture, Interviews, Lightboxes, Video with sound, Stop motion animation, Photography.

Participatory art project developed in the Cacela Velha community, Algarve, South of Portugal. This project was grounded on an integrated perspective of place perceived in its complexity – relating to human, geographical, economic, biophysical, political, historical, cultural and social dimensions that widely characterise local life experiences. This stop motion animation was produced in collaboration with local children to raise awareness of the environment richness where they live, gain the respect and mutual learning between the two generations concerned, and awaken the younger generations to the understanding of creativity as a means of knowledge.

Paula Reaes Pinto in collaboration with António Gorgel Pinto and participants from Cacela Velha.

2007 - 2009
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