Medium: Participatory art, Codesign, Codesign workshops, Urban furniture design, Communication design, Video with sound, Video stills​​​​​​​.

Socially engaged art project developed in a neighbourhood of illegal construction in Amadora, on the outskirts of Lisbon, specifically the Bairro do Alto da Cova da Moura. The social initiative was created and boosted by a local association called Moinho da Juventude, which has as its primary objective the qualification of young adults so that they are better prepared to respond to possible job opportunities or to create their business initiatives. In the first phase, the participants collaborated to develop a co-design project that resulted in a proposal to build a multipurpose wooden structure in one of the main neighbourhood squares, whose construction was not allowed. In the second phase, other ideas were developed, which led to the construction of three urban furniture pieces.

António Gorgel Pinto, Delano Rodrigues, Inês Veiga, and Natália Plentz in collaboration with neighbourhood residents (1st phase).
António Gorgel Pinto and Inês Veiga in collaboration with neighbourhood residents (2nd phase).
Photography and video by António Gorgel Pinto. Logotype by Inês Veiga. Graphic Design by António Gorgel Pinto and Inês Veiga.

2015 - 2017
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