Creative Practices Around the Production of Cork
Medium: Participatory art, codesign, interviews, collage and assemblage workshops, video with sound, video stills, pinhole photography. 

Socially engaged art project developed in Azaruja, Alentejo, Portugal. The study is based on a consideration of the local place formulated around cork labour activity, representing the social and humane dimension of sustainability. A workshop on photography with the youth population was organised. In the photography sessions, the idea was to represent the Azaruja landscape. At the same time, the participants were invited to think about Azaruja’s culture and particularly about the cork tradition. The youngsters started taking pictures using the pinhole process, followed by 35mm and digital cameras. After the safari in Azaruja and its surroundings, taking pictures with different machines, the workshop continued in the local primary school, where was improvised a laboratory for developing the photos. The last workshop activity was related to enhancing the images using Photoshop. 

Paula Reaes Pinto in collaboration with António Gorgel Pinto and participants from Azaruja. 

2014 - 2015
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